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Travis Stryker Memorial Scholarship Application


Travis Stryker Memorial Scholarship

Dallas Junior Hockey Association (DJHA) accepts donations for the Travis Stryker Memorial Scholarship that was established in 2014. When funds are available 100% of these donations are used to offset the cost of season fees. 

DJHA is making a limited number of scholarship opportunities available to players who might otherwise not be able to participate in travel hockey.  Selection of players for this financial assistance is based on financial need, academic performance in school and involvement in school and community activities.  All information required must be provided before any application will be considered. Please see Scholarship Guidelines below.

The online application must be filled out completely and submitted electronically on or before the specified deadline. 

Scholarship Guidelines

  • Scholarship awards will be dependent upon the financial status of the account used to fund the Travis Stryker Memorial Scholarship.
  • Scholarship awards shall be limited to a maximum amount of up to 50% of the applicant’s current season Player/Association registration fee found on Schedule 5 of the Dallas Penguins Contract Offer Packet.
  • Scholarships will be awarded on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis. Any applicant with a combined adjusted gross income (typically shown on the bottom line of page one of IRS Form 1040) of $100,000 or more will not qualify for a scholarship award.
  • A complete application* must be submitted electronically online on or before the specified deadline. The $1,500 Registration Deposit Fee must be paid at contract offer acceptance to be eligible for the Travis Stryker Memorial Scholarship.
  • The DJHA scholarship committee will review all applications for the Travis Stryker Memorial Scholarship and will notify all applicants as soon as practicable, whether or not they have qualified for a scholarship award.
  • In the event that a player leaves Dallas Junior Hockey Association during the season in which a scholarship has been awarded, 100% of the scholarship award must be refunded back to the Association.

* A complete application for the Travis Stryker Memorial Scholarship consists of:

  • Personal Data
  • Employment and Financial Data including most recent Federal Income Tax Return
  • Academic Information
  • Extracurricular and Community Activities
  • Letters of Recommendation from Unrelated Party (teachers)
  • Letter of Recommendation from Current or Most Recent Head Coach
  • Letter from Parent detailing the need for the scholarship
  • Letter from Player (not parent) containing a description of him or her self and their hockey experience.


Dallas Junior Hockey Association will also accept donations on your player’s behalf from sources that you solicit i.e. friends, family, employers or local businesses.


For further information on this program or if any questions, please contact:

DJHA Executive Board

DJHA Executive Board

Travis Stryker Memorial Scholarship Committee